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Thursday, November 13th, 2008

As the premiere attorneys of Atlanta, Bill Hollberg and George Weaver are proud to announce the birth of the “Atlanta Attorney’s Blog.”  As you visit in the future, you’ll find a plethora of valuable resources.  One of the first projects will detail the results of some of Hollberg & Weaver’s past trial verdicts.  Before you choose Hollberg & Weaver as your corporate attorney, personal injury attorney, or for another area of representation in Atlanta… you’ll have the ability to research our past cases through an inside perspective.  The articles will be written in non-legal terminology so that anyone can understand and enjoy them… not just lawyers.

The “Atlanta Attorney’s Blog” will also include pertinent legal updates and resources.  If you’re concerned about potential legislation, we invite you to blog here and express your opinions to our attorneys.  We are honored to listen to the citizens of Atlanta, Georgia and believe in protecting and representing those who have been wrongfully taken advantage of.  We appreciate your support of Georgia and the legal system of the United States.  Please visit us frequently and feel free to contribute to this Atlanta community sponsored by Hollberg & Weaver.

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